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Auto Accident Investigations | Tampa Bay | Keck Investigation Service, LLCProtecting yourself in the case of a vehicle collision can be difficult if you rely solely on your testimony. Auto accident investigations are a little known but highly effective alternative. Despite changes in regulation, Tampa Bay, and Florida in general, has a rising rate of insurance fraud. The troubling issue with these estimates is that they are still conservative. Not every person gets caught pulling a scam, so it is difficult to know precisely how often it happens. Even if you believe the driver is honest and your insurance provider finds no issue, it may just mean the criminal knows how to game the system.

While you may think witnesses may help you out, they are more likely to target a single driver. Unless you are always planning to have cameras or multiple passengers, then you will find yourself at a disadvantage. In comparison, fraudulent individuals may bring others to corroborate their side of the story. With nothing else besides your word and that of multiple other people, insurance companies will often pay out rather than investigate further. In different situations, individuals may notice warning signs but still decide to pay out rather than deal with lawsuits. However, Tampa Bay drivers are not without resources. Auto accident investigations from Keck Investigative Agency, LLC can protect you from falling for common car collision scams.

Why Are Auto Accident Investigations Necessary?

Beyond a prevalence in fraud, auto accident investigations are necessary to catch career scammers. With a proper look into a person’s information, an investigator can discover essential factors like evidence of negligent driving. When it comes to social media, defendants throughout the Tampa Bay area may think there is not much to see. However, people may post information right before the accident that points to negligent acts. If someone was at a party or talking on the phone, then getting reliable information about such actions can be vital for your case. If the person is arguing that you were entirely at fault, then they may also sue further. By laying the groundwork, like you admitting guilt, they can then compound charges to gain more money from you and the insurance company. Some significant reasons auto accident investigations are necessary are because of group fraud, actors, and lack of information.

Group Fraud

Beyond having other people in their vehicle in on the scam, mechanics and even doctors may be in on it. This is because Tampa Bay regulation requires evidence of serious injuries. If an injury is labeled as having caused permanent damage or disability, then it is more profitable. Mechanics may exacerbate damages to receive kickbacks. In auto accident investigations, these middlemen are sometimes referred to as runner or cappers. They come up with the plan to recruit other drivers to find targets. Typically, they will seek out Tampa Bay drivers that look like they have lots of insurance coverage. Drivers with expensive cars and commercial vehicles are frequent targets. Runner or cappers provide fraudulent drivers with:

  • Connections to legal resources in on the scheme
  • Dishonest medical professionals
  • Planning
  • Target lists
  • On-scene support
  • Intimidation

Without auto accident investigations, these fraudulent legal professionals can act like bullies. They arrive on the scene and direct you to individual businesses. While they may seem impartial, you should be extremely wary of them. Tampa Bay residents should do their own research and employ the need of a professional investigator if necessary. Just because fraudulent individuals may set the situation to be damaging to you does not mean you cannot adequately defend yourself.

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When it comes to finding the evidence you need, do not rely solely on insurance investigators or a lawyer. While attorneys can debate your case, they still need information from witnesses, drivers, and the scene. Auto accident investigations can provide photos, video, and other critical information that can affect your case. Private investigators can also help with background checks and criminal investigations. Tampa Bay drivers can contact Keck Investigative Agency, LLC today by going online or calling (727) 254-1994.