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An auto accident investigations agent can save you from a lot of trouble. Whether an investigator can prove someone guilty of insurance fraud or provide evidence that you were not liable for the crash, they can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

Private investigators are especially useful because insurance companies just don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to do a thorough auto accident investigation to detect negligence.

If an auto accident is severe enough, the individual responsible for the accident can potentially face criminal liability. So the truth about your auto accident is vital information we can help you obtain in New Port Richey. 

Not All Accident Causes Are Immediately Evident

It may seem obvious who is responsible for a car accident, but it’s not always immediately evident. Plus, people can be dishonest to benefit from things like medical compensation. Or sometimes, people can forget what happens as a kind of trauma response.

However, this is where the professional investigators come in to find the real story. This way, you can prove your innocence and don’t have to deal with things like legal, financial, or health-related repercussions.

What Happens During An Auto Accident Investigation?

During auto accident investigations, there are various routes the investigators can take to piece the story together. Such as speaking to witnesses and taking photographs of the scene. They also document evidence to reconstruct the accident, which includes,

  • Skid marks
  • Final positions
  • Point of impact

We then use this information to start building a case. But a private investigator will go too far lengths to prove suspicious claims fraudulent. The most common way injury claims are investigated, is by following the injured person.

Investigators Can Gain Special Insite For Your Auto Accident Investigation

Private investigators gain special incite with the use of,

  1. Surveillance 
  2. Social media research 
  3. Medical history research 
  4. Thorough background checks

Suppose a person claims serious injury from the accident and an investigator has photo evidence of them running around at a park. In that case, this proves their claim was fraudulent. Getting you out of the way of financial and legal repercussions.

Investigators use social media in the same way. It might seem obvious not to post things online that contradict a claim. Still, a majority of the time, people neglect to acknowledge they’re being watched.

Furthermore, investigators can perform background checks. Maybe the person has made fraudulent claims in the past. A poor history could definitely suggest someone would do that same thing again. Further proving your innocents.

How Long Do Auto Accident Investigations Typically Take?

Investigating auto accident claims doesn’t happen overnight. Especially if you’re dealing with a complicated case involving liability disputes or missing information. But on average, your case should be complete in somewhere around 30 to 45 days with exceptions.

When it comes to the immediate moments after your auto accident, though, filing a report with the police and your insurance provider as soon as possible is very important. You also want to gather all of the information that you can.

The End Goal For Investigators

It’s very common that people set up crash scenarios in order to benefit. But it’s disguised very well, so your innocence needs to be proven despite being set up to look guilty. Private investigators have the knowledge and recourses to approach and resolve these kinds of situations. Our end goal is to find the truth, so you don’t end up facing potentially detrimental consequences.

Being sued can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. Not to mention your career if you have a career where you have to drive a company vehicle. Your insurance company can send your rates through the roof, and it can be overwhelming to deal with.

That’s why auto accident investigations are so important. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we meticulous with collecting evidence to solidify your case. 

Contact Keck Investigation Service, LLC For Auto Accident Investigations

If claims seem suspicious in New Port Richey, we will get to the bottom of things. Collecting evidence from multiple sources to build the most undeniable case possible. So if you’re dealing with potentially fraudulent claims, you can contact us here online or give us a call at 727-254-1994

Whether it’s bringing scammers to justice, recovering lost information, or just finding out the truth in general. You can rely on our services to be of the highest quality.