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Accident Investigators | Clearwater | Oldsmar | Keck Investigation Service, LLCWhen wondering if you are dealing with a fraudulent situation, you should never wait to seek help. Many times, fraud committers are not caught without the intervention of accident investigators. There has been a massive increase in costs for insurance consumers as of late thanks to fraudulent individuals. Here’s our blog on how we protect drivers.

Insurance providers are reacting to their losses by making claims harder to submit and charging customers more money. Accident investigators can take a closer look at the situation before you lose out on a claim.

After a collision and exchanging information, Clearwater drivers may believe the matter is resolved. Other drivers may be regretful and cooperative in person. However, once insurance is involved, that can change. All of a sudden, you are potentially responsible for a collision you did not cause.

Drivers in the Oldsmar area should ensure they take necessary precautions after a crash. Having essential information makes it easier to investigate fraudulent individuals. Clearwater residents can work with Keck Investigation Service, LLC to collect relevant evidence. Clients can also benefit from a variety of services involving:

How to Lower Your Risk of a Fraudulent Claim

After an accident, you will want to avoid common mistakes that put you at risk. For one, not correctly exchanging information can put you in an awkward spot. Clearwater drivers should not solely provide their information with the promise that the other party will send theirs in a text or email. Also, you should always wait for a police officer, if possible.

A police report can provide information that is useful in proving your innocence. Oldsmar drivers who can reach a police station can also personally file a report. With a police report and claim, accident investigators can better understand the situation while undergoing an investigating. Witnesses and other details can also help protect Oldsmar drivers from false accusations of negligence.

Fraudulent Situations that Require an Accident Investigator

While every case in Clearwater differs, certain things typically occur during an investigation. Reviewing current information and witnesses is a significant step. You should always ensure you get the contact information of other individuals at the scene. Someone else who may have seen the incident can provide information that counters a fraudulent claim.

If an individual is claiming extensive injuries, then you may be able to prove otherwise. Surveillance services can allow Oldsmar clients to gain evidence showing a lack of damage or injury.

Another vital factor accident investigators may look at is social media. As more and more people live their lives online, they are unaware of who may be watching. Criminals will sometimes post incriminating images. Other times, statuses and posts can provide information as to their actions before the incident. Not all Oldsmar fraud cases involve a plan to receive money but more so to offset fault.

Florida is a no-fault State, so it is difficult to sue for extra damages. If a driver was speeding, under the influence, or negligent in another manner, they can still be entirely at fault. Depending on the extent of the injuries, victims can sue even after insurance settles. Situations where you suffer a permanent injury also excludes negligent Clearwater drivers from no-fault protection.

Which Accident Investigators Should I Trust?

Credentials and experience are critical when deciding between accident investigators. Not just anyone in Oldsmar can go out and record others and without legal restrictions. An accident investor follows laws and avoids infringing on rights to protect themselves and clients from litigation.

Keck Investigation Service, LLC has decades of combined experience working as private investigators. Mark Lynn and David G. Keck both have backgrounds in relevant fields before becoming private investigators. Mark Lynn has over 30 years of experience investigating accidents. In 2015, he gained his license to work professionally. Drivers throughout the Clearwater area can contact the accident investigators at Keck today by going online or calling us at (727) 254-1994.