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Motor Vehicle Accident Investigations

 Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating for everyone involved, and can even sometimes result in severe injuries and extreme vehicle damage. It can be difficult to determine the cause of an accident, and insurance companies may overlook certain tell-tale signs of what really occurred. accident investigation experts can inspect the scene of the accident, and uncover details that may have been missed. Hiring a private investigator for a second opinion, and to determine the true cause of the collision, can save money and time, prevent insurance issues, and provide peace of mind for motor vehicle accident victims.

Our private investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC work to scrutinize the scene of the car accident to provide our clients with solid evidence and an action plan for their case, and uncover the truth to determine the cause – no matter if it was a mechanical failure, human error, or some other reason. Through the use of specialized tools, equipment, and techniques, our motor vehicle accident investigators can look into the scene more in-depth to find out the fuller scope of the situation, including:

  • Point of impact
  • Mark measurements
  • Final resting positions
  • Determining the amount of damage
  • Driver qualifications
  • Mechanical components
  • Car condition or failure

Our private investigators can use information from these details and more to determine the true cause of the motor vehicle accident. Whether it was a head-on collision, rollover, rear end, T-bone, or another type of motor vehicle crash, our private investigators work to analyze the cause of the accident to determine the amount of damage, liability, and financial responsibility.

Motorcycle Accident Investigations

There are many hazards for motorcyclists on the road that can lead to motorcycle accidents. Unlike other vehicles operating on the road, motorcycles offer no protection to the operator, and a crash can sometimes result in serious injuries. At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we understand that at the scene of a motorcycle accident, it can be difficult to determine the true cause for the collision. Should you experience an accident, our private investigators are well-versed in examining the scene to find details that may have been initially missed and provide you with solid evidence for your attorney.

Motorcycle accident investigators use specialized techniques and expertise to analyze and interpret the motorcycle crash scene and what led to the accident. Some of their investigation methods include:

  • Evaluating the scene
  • Reviewing the characteristics of the motorcycle, including acceleration and deceleration
  • Analyzing the stability and handling abilities of the motorcycle
  • Reviewing motorcycle tires, helmets, and equipment
  • Determining the possibility of impairment or influence

Utilizing these effective accident investigation techniques and more can help you develop an action plan, and determine liability, the true cause of the accident, and help you get strong evidence for your court case to you and your attorney.

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Boat, Jet Ski or Other Marine Related Accident Investigations

Here in Tampa Bay, there are many ways to enjoy the water and sunshine. Known for its aquatic sports and pastimes, Florida offers a range of boating, jet ski, and other marine-related activities for residents and locals to enjoy. Unfortunately, sometimes these water activities can get out of hand, resulting in boating accidents, or other marine accidents, that may require an accident investigation and corrective action.

If you are a victim of a marine-related accident, hiring a private investigator to look into the details of what led to the accident can help determine the truth of what occurred. Just like a car accident or motorcycle accident, jet ski and boating accidents can be investigated to determine the full scope of the incident.

Specialized investigation techniques such as these can help uncover the true cause of the marine accident, providing you and your attorney with the full details to strengthen your case:

  • Accumulating witness statements
  • Reviewing cell phone and camera videos
  • Acquiring photographs
  • Assessing the damage to the boating vehicle

At Keck Investigation Service, LLC, we work to handle marine accident investigations on your behalf to eliminate the headaches of gathering and sourcing data on your own, miscommunication with the insurance company, and false claims regarding the accident. Our private investigators can assist you during these trying times so that you have a full account of what occurred and an accurate understanding of the liability and expenses involved.

Slips Trips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are more common than people think. Did you know many Civil Litigation Cases arise everyday as a result of slips, trips, and falls? A slip and fall could occur for many reasons, including:

  • A raised or uneven sidewalk crevice
  • Wet floor
  • Defective stairs
  • A rough patch of ground
  • Workplace incident

But sometimes, the cause of a simple stumble can be a bit unclear, and will require an expert slip and fall accident investigation to determine who is truly at fault and liable for the fall.

It can be tough to determine if a restaurant or property owner is legally responsible for a slip and fall injury. For instance, a grate in the ground serves a necessary function for the property. But a private investigator can look into the matter to determine the true liability, and if the owner did everything they could to inform passers-by of potential trip hazards and prevent slip and fall injuries.

To provide some clarity, bringing in a private investigator for a professional accident investigation can shed new light on the situation, helping you determine what truly caused the fall, if something was broken, if a negligence claim is necessary or if it was carelessness, and who is truly at fault.

Our private investigators at Keck Investigation Service, LLC can examine all aspects of the situation, and run over details that may have been overlooked by the insurance adjuster. We provide high quality services within a timely and cost-efficient manner so that victims of slip and fall accidents can have peace of mind and don’t need to worry about much beyond medical costs, and your own safety and health. We go through necessary protocols and effective accident investigation techniques to help you determine the true cause for the slip and fall accident for the most accurate outcome.