Accident Investigation St. Petersburg

Accident Investigator | St Petersburg | Keck Investigation Service, LLCAfter a vehicle collision, many warning signs that you require accident investigation services can develop. St. Petersburg drivers do not need to feel helpless as average law enforcement cannot provide the resources for the case. A private Detectives Firm can offer better support and results when it comes to personal investigations. Private investigators will have resources, workforce, and skills that an average person will lack. Many times, attempting to get information on individuals will likely only lead to them figuring out something is going on. Services like surveillance operations require years of training and expensive equipment. Keck Investigation Service provides St. Petersburg residents with years of experience to handle their case.

Benefits of Accident Investigations

One of the most significant advantages of working with a professional investigative firm is the effectiveness. Private investigators have been known to work with both individuals and companies to help uncover vital evidence. An accident investigation is also not limited to car accidents. Any personal injury situation can benefit from having a professional investigator handle the gathering of evidence. Working with Keck also helps keep clients in St. Petersburg and from arousing suspicion. An accident investigation can help in a variety of cases dealing with:

  • Fraudulent individuals
  • Commercial Drivers
  • Lawsuits


While you may not think you will ever be the subject of a scam, insurance fraud is prevalent in St. Petersburg and throughout Florida in general. There are dozens of ways scammers can trick innocent drivers to receive payments from their insurance provider. A common tactic is to threaten a driver with legal repercussions. At times, they may ask for payments directly to supposedly them to keep insurance companies out of the situation. If you feel like something unusual is going on, then it is best not to make a deal with a shady individual. An accident investigation can save you from higher insurance rates and potential lawsuits.

Improve Your Odds When Dealing with Companies

Companies and their drivers will have more resources to invest in legal action that than an average individual. Even if you win your case, you may end up in with not enough to cover your legal fees. Working with investigators can make it easier to gather valuable information proving the negligence of one of their drivers or employees. Injury sufferers have sometimes invested in an accident investigation to find that an individual hired by a company did not have adequate experience or credentials. This can dramatically improve your claim and even increase the amount of compensation you are due. This also prevents others from suffering due to the same negligent employee. St. Petersburg residents can better protect themselves and their claim by quickly gathering evidence.


An accident investigation is particularly useful when dealing with a personal injury lawsuit. A common tactic for fraud is to give out a phone number and insist they will contact you later with their insurance information. Rather than doing so, they will instead put forward a police report of a hit and run. By doing so, they can argue that you were at fault even if the incident was undoubtedly due to their negligence. Rather than being taken advantage of, St. Petersburg drivers can gain a fighting chance with a comprehensive investigation. Even if your insurance pays out, that may not be the end of your worries. Drivers can also still put forward a lawsuit if they suffer from a permanent or temporary disability. Lawyers can often take advantage of evidence of negligence or fraud on an opposing party to better represent your case.

Work with Keck Investigation Today for Even More Services

St. Petersburg residents dealing with other personal matters can also rely on us at Keck to provide quality results and support. When it comes to issues like domestic investigation including infidelity, then we can assist you. Businesses and individuals looking to verify a person’s identity can also choose us to conduct a background investigation. You can go online or contact us at (727) 254-1994 today to learn more about our accident investigation services and more.