5 Situations Where Individuals Should Work with Private Investigators

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5 Situations Where Individuals Should Work with Private Investigators

Lawyers often hire the services of private investigators for conducting investigations and research pertinent to their cases. But there are many situations in which individuals can work with private investigators directly. We discuss the most common ones below:

1.    When You Suspect Infidelity

Thanks to dating apps and modern technology, infidelity has unfortunately become more common than ever. Having an affair and concealing it from your partner is much easier than it used to be.

The idea that your partner is cheating on you can be very painful, but a Private Investigation Firm for Cheating Spouses can help you uncover the truth. If they’re cheating on you, the investigation results will enable you to decide your next steps.

2.    When You Want to Investigate an Accident

Motor vehicle accidents can be physically and financially damaging for everyone. In most cases, people’s livelihood is also affected while they recuperate from the accident. Many people are dissatisfied with the findings of their insurance company.

Hiring the Best Surveillance and Accident Investigation Providers can be the right thing to do if you feel like your insurance company has missed certain key details. Private investigators specializing in such cases inspect the accident site and get to the bottom of the factors that caused it. Their findings can help you better understand the reasons and responsibility for an accident.

3.    When You Need a Background Check

You may need a background check for either professional or personal reasons. When you want to learn more about a job applicant, tenant, or romantic partner—a background check can help reveal crucial information about them.

A private investigator may help you find a person’s criminal history, professional history, credit history, and addresses where they’ve previously lived.

4.    When You Want to Prove Cohabitation

Cohabitation may have an impact on alimony payments and child custody arrangements. If you suspect that your ex-spouse is living with someone else, hiring Professional Investigators for Cohabitation can help you obtain the proof you need.

A private investigator will use techniques such as surveillance and interviewing key people to provide you with the necessary evidence of cohabitation.

5.    When You’re Involved in a Child Custody Case

Some individuals prefer working with private investigators before hiring a lawyer for a child custody case. They want to be sure they have sufficient evidence, which a professional investigation may provide.

Obtaining sole custody of your child is usually only possible when the child’s best interests are at risk with the other parent. A PI can help you determine if your child is being neglected, abused, in danger, or an unsuitable environment with your ex. With proper evidence in hand, you can approach a lawyer and discuss your case further.

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