4 Signs You Need Infidelity Investigations

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4 Signs You Need Infidelity Investigations

Unfortunately, not all partners in a relationship stick to their promise to be faithful to one person and one person only. Cheating happens, and sometimes it can be challenging to detect. However, there are usually warning signs and other indicators that something is amiss in the relationship. If you notice any of the following four signs, contact Keck Investigation Service, LLC in St. Petersburg and inquire about infidelity investigations.

1. Dramatic Changes in Personality

If your usually communicative, bubbly, open partner suddenly becomes closed off and secretive, chances are they are hiding something from you. Before you panic and go straight to cheating, consider that it could be any number of reasons. Perhaps they are not feeling well or have just been having a rough time at work lately. Try to talk to them about their behavior so that you can understand where they are coming from. If you do not notice any improvement or they remain closed off, trust Keck’s infidelity investigations to uncover more information for you in St. Petersburg.

2. Unusual Behaviors

Most couples have a certain degree of honesty and communication open at all times between them. However, if one person in the relationship is unfaithful, they often close themselves off to their partner. To hide their affair, they may go to dramatic lengths to cover their tracks. If your partner is unusually protective of their phone or computer, they may be hiding messages or pictures from you. If they suddenly start spending a lot of time outside of the home, going around St. Petersburg and leaving you behind, they may be meeting up with someone else. By trusting the professionals at Keck’s Investigation Services, we can use our expert infidelity investigations to uncover information that demonstrates evidence of an affair.

3. Lying and Covering Up

Individuals who cheat on their partners get into a habit of lying and begin trying to cover things up in addition to their affair. The lying can extend to small things like asking if they remembered to run an errand or big things like asking them where they are spending their time after work when they’re not home. If they are attempting to cover their tracks and your intuition is telling you something is off, then trust your gut. Rely on professional infidelity investigations in St. Petersburg to find out where the lying ends and the truth begins.

4. They Try to Turn the Tables

If you approach your partner asking them if they are cheating on you, then they may turn the question around on you and accuse you of distrusting them, or they may even try to accuse you of having an affair. This is a classic behavior we have seen in cheaters, and it is a defense mechanism. They feel threatened or exposed and manipulate the scenario to make you the one who is on trial.

Utilize Keck Investigation Service’s Infidelity Investigations

Trust the professionals at Keck Investigation Services, LLC in St. Petersburg to help you uncover the truth and make your life easier. You do not want to continue living your life unsure of whether or not your partner is true to your relationship. To get the answers you need, place your trust in us. Our private services are discreet, professional, and confidential. To learn more about infidelity investigations, give us a call today at (727) 254-1994 or contact us online to find out what we can do for you.